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Corporate soul


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Several of my net friends commented it and we were brought into a discussion about «industry’s need for ground».

Sebastian Mendler offered me a link to his column. Below you can read the introduction and at the bottom a link to the whole column. – And, of course, your are welcome to bring your comments on the blog here!


Corporate soul


Whether it’s ExxonMobil or Halliburton, Lockheed Martin or ADM, Enron or New York Regional Interconnect, Inc., you can’t look for long at peace, social justice or environmental issues in the U.S. without running into questions about one of the fundamental institutions of our society, namely the corporation. The impact of corporations on every aspect of our lives, and especially our political process, has never been greater—and never before have we been confronted with so many critical questions about the responsibilities that corporations bear to the society in which they operate.

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The picture above is from Å in Lofoten, Northern Norway. The lots of posters may provoke a bunch of questions: What should we think of diversity? Is it a real variety? Is it  an abundance?


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