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The picture above is from Å in Lofoten, Northern Norway. The lots of posters may provoke a bunch of questions: What should we think of diversity? Is it a real variety? Is it  an abundance?



oktober 14, 2006 - Posted by | International (English)

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  1. Every time one kind of thing encounters another kind of thing, there will be sparks. The more diversity, the more interesting the sparks, and here and there, a spark will eventually catch a light to something.

    I don’t think it’s possible, or necessary or desirable anymore to step too far back, to try to apprehend the totality. The totality is probably about as interesting as determining the average colour of all the light in the universe. Although, you know, I might be wrong about that…

    Is is variety? At some scales of perception, certainly. Is it abundance? To a degree that makes it almost unremarkable!

    rgds, marc

    Kommentar av pilgrim | februar 23, 2007 | Svar

  2. Dear Pilgrim! Thank you for your friendly comment!

    You are the vert first real international (writing English) guest to my rather new blog. Welcome!

    During my summer voyage (I do not travel very much) I was happy and found a freshness in all the changing situations, people, views, ideas, history and stories. I think I have a talent/urge of being curious, then mostly about tiny smaller things and dimensions – they use very often to be keys to great universes.

    I do want to keep and preserve the new experiences – should I think it possible? – and I do not want to be constantly consuming – can I prevent that?

    However, life and world keep on moving and will every day bring lots of precious new findings. How then should one relate to yjis compactness without closing oneself into a cage or all the time being on the run after the moon on the next hilltop?

    Hoping this will reach you, and I look forward to another comment.

    * friendly regards *

    Kommentar av hugen | februar 23, 2007 | Svar

  3. Hello Enok

    it seems to me that we live in a time and place (Europe, the beginning of 21st century) in which we have an unusual abundance of choice of available experiences, and for that reason alone I think that to neglect to take advantage of some of those choices would be to fail to fully take part in our time and place. That said, we cannot expect to do everything, see everything. Hyper-active people will talk about «hunger for experience» and make it sound like a good thing, the only thing – but I suspect that contentment lies in another direction.

    Part of our unusual position is that we are able, as never before, to document our experiences. The documents, inevitably, will provide an experience, but they will never provide *the experience* we had originally. We have a tendency, related to healthy curiosity, towards a subliminal anxiety about leaving experience undocumented. Maybe this tension acts as a spur to take more photographs, post to one’s blog, make sound recordings or whatever, but it is worth remembering that this is a very new problem, and it may be that we must learn to let it all go before that anxiety will release us.

    rgds, marc

    Kommentar av pilgrim | mars 6, 2007 | Svar

  4. Thank you, Marc Pilgrim!

    It is a great thing for me to receive your comments. This blog thing, which in first hand may seem to be a thing of abundance, – (so many, so much lots of)- will pretty soon, like the rest of Internet, dictate its own premises and rules, – and the abundance will turn into loneliness, and one might think that this loneliness is a barren and empty abundance.

    Somehow I have found that abundance rather easily may lead into a superficial hasty consuming restlessness where a more profound concentration and a maturing process is not the thing.

    Though, also this relaxed strolling, this leisurelike and touriststyled crisscrossing on the marketplace, out of charge – is a good thing one should not be nervous to permit oneself.

    friendly regards

    Kommentar av hugen | mars 9, 2007 | Svar

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